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Tyrod Taylor

Tyrod Taylor is a guy who may be projected at many other positions but played quarterback in college and has stated multiple times that he wants to play quarterback at the next level but there are many teams that don't believe he projects to quarterback at the next level. I think a good team for him would be the Kansas City Chiefs behind Matt Cassel with Todd Haley, and Bill Muir coaching him. Cassel needs a solid back-up that can step in and play when needed and the team needs someone they can develop into a potential future replacement for Cassel who looked horrible in their only playoff game last season, and looked mediocre at best in 2009, and struggled to complete 60% of his passes in 2010. Taylor is a guy who can run Haley's offense and can be had for a late round pick this year due to questions about his height, and arm strength. However he is a natural leader, he has decent accuracy, and as the coaches at Virginia have said time and again this guy gives you a chance to win when he is on the field. No matter what position he plays. He could help the team as a runner used simlarly to Tim Tebow last season, or also as a reciever out of the backfield, and in wildcat formations as well. As he learned the rest of the playbook as a quarterback he could eventually work his way into the number 2 spot and higher. His athleticism should intrigue teams, especially when even Michael Vick is touting him as a solid quarterback in the NFL. Maybe Philly should snatch him up.

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Tom Zbikowski

I admire this guy. He goes out during a lock out and finds one of the most brutal sports to take up in the mean time in boxing. He has since fought in 3 matches professionally and won all 3. So far of all the players pursuing other sports he's got a large lead on the other players attempting this feat. I also think that taking up boxing was a great way to stay motivated to train, and keep in great shape until the lock out ends. Something tells me this is a begining of a dual sport career, not just a fluke seasonal job by an NFL player looking to find something fun in the mean time. I'm interested to see how the team will feel after the lock out ends and he is under their contract again.
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A.D. in KC? Palmer with the Phins? Kolb in Ari?

Apparently Andy Dalton had such a strong pro day he is now being considered the 2nd best quarterback in this season's draft by many people including even the Chiefs. They believe he would be a vast upgrade over back-up Brodie Croyle who struggled last season in Cassel's absence. However I believe this selection potentially is more about the fact that Cassel has played just 2 seasons in KC, and led them to 1 playoff game and completed just 9 of 18 passes for 70 yards 0 tds and 3 ints in his only appearance with the team. He was sacked 3 times losing 17 yards and had a 20.4 qb rating for the game. I'd have questions about my quarterback long term too. His first season in Kansas City he completed just 55% of his passes and threw 16 tds and 16 ints, for less than 3,000 yards in 15 games. Last season his stats improved but his completion percentage was just 58.2% a full 5.2% lower than his one season with the Patriots. He threw for around 3,100 yards this season for 27 tds and 7 ints. So granted his decision making was better this season it still makes you wonder that a guy like this who is touted for his decision making and accuracy from his time with the Pats is now being questioned about his accuracy after three years as a starter. He will also be 29 years old as of May 17th. He is a guy who has never had an absolutely stellar season in his career and maybe a guy who just can't cut it as an elite quarterback in the NFL. A guy like Andy Dalton would be a solid enough back-up for spot duty behind Cassel in cases of injury, and a guy who could develop under Jim Zorn, and Todd Hailey in this offense before taking over if Cassel doesn't pan out. I believe this move would be as much about insurance as it is about getting a quality back-up quarterback. It's no secret there are plenty of veteran qbs hitting the market.<br /><br />Carson Palmer is reportedly on the Dolphins radar for their quarterback situation but the question is what is his value right now? It's been honestly 4 seasons since he has been an elite quarterback. He is going to be 32 years old in December and has had a couple injuries through his career. I personally wouldn't give up anything higher than a 2nd round pick. But since the Dolphins don't have one they may even wind up offering their 2012 2nd rounder, a value to the Bengals who are visibily rebuilding, and a value to the Dolphins who believe they are a playoff team. Another scenario I could see, it's unlikely, but a straight player for player swap with Chad Henne, and Carson Palmer. Right now teams can't trade players for picks, but they can trade players for players. Henne is a guy who has not performed well so much in fact he was benched for Chad Pennington last season before he reinjured his shoulder. The team has publicly annouced their need for a quarterback meaning he is out. Another thing I see as a motivating factor is his current contract expires in 2012. So if they plan to let him go anyway they can ship him out and at least get something in return. The Bengals have a need at quarterback and why not trade Carson Palmer for another quarterback? They basically gain nothing by letting him retire, so they will try and get as much in return as possible. Chad Henne is a guy who is a serviceable starter but needs a new start and I think the Bengals are desperate enough to try and get Henne in return as well as a mid to late round pick.<br /><br />Kevin Kolb heard it loud and clear when Larry Fitzgerald said out loud he wouldn't mind if Kevin Kolb was the quarterback for the the Cardinals and I'm sure Ken Wisenhunt would agree apparently Fitzgerald even gave Arizona's front office a list of his top quarterbacks and Kolb's name was on top. Larry Fitzgerald at this point is the face of this franchise and keeping him happy is a must, as necessary as getting a better starting quarterback. The Cardinals could offer a swap of first round picks in 2011 and a 2012 2nd round pick. He will be 27 on August 24th this year, and is heading into his 5th season in the NFL. His contract expires in 2012 and it would make sense to move him now before watching his contract expiring. He has played in 19 games with 7 starts in the past 2 seasons. He completed over 60% of his passes the past 2 seasons for 1,938 yards 11 tds and 10 ints averaging nearly 7 yards per pass through that time. Giving him a team with the backfield Arizona has, and Steve Breaston, and Larry Fitzgerald outwide and I think he will give them a probowl season. Another team he could go to would be San Francisco they desperately need a quarterback and have a couple guys to offer up as back-up quarterback options for the Eagles. David Carr is a guy who is under contract for a while and isn't getting any closer to a starting job. He would be with a playoff team and be a decent back-up option. Worst case scenario he'll get beaten out by 2nd year quarterback Mike Kafka.<br /><br />

Posted on: March 9, 2011 10:25 pm

Mike Sims-Walker


<li>I'm so confused as to how Mike Sims-Walker came to be a free agent this offseason when he was released by the team. He didn't light it up last season but I wouldn't begin to say that he had a poor season either. He averaged just .7 yards less per reception this season, scored the same amount of touchdowns (7), as he did last season with 20 less receptions while playing in just 14 games catching passes from 4 different quarterbacks during that time. How in the world was he released? Is there some sort of drama behind this? </li>

<li>Their reciever group now consists of Mike Thomas who has caught 114 passes the past 2 seasons but only averaged 11.2 yards compared to over 13 by Sims-Walker and 5 touchdowns to his 14, Jason Hill looked great in the last 4 games of last season but prior to that he played his way out of a job with the 49ers he was however resigned to a 2 year deal, Kassim Osgood is a veteran reciever who has played well at times but is primarily a special teams player caught just 6 passes last season, Tiquan Underwood caught 8 passes who may be the guy they think will step up having shown up in 2 games last season, but behind these guys there are 2 players who haven't caught a pass in the NFL.</li>

<li>You cut your big play guy because of what??? This guy caught 108 passes the past 2 seasons had 23 plays of 20 or more yards, 2 40+ yard plays, and a total of 76 1st downs. None of the recievers on this roster have duplicated this production yet. Their one saving grace is the 16th pick in the 1st round but there are a few teams that could look at drafting recievers before them. They could stretch a little and pick Jonathon Baldwin a bigger reciever something they haven't had in years. </li>


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Tiki Barber attempting a comeback?

Interesting Tiki Barber has filed paperwork with the NFL to return for the 2011 season. His contract is still the Giant's for now but if he tries to return he'll undoubtedly be released due to his blasting of Tom Coughlin this past season. Apparently he's broke, his broadcasting job fell through very quickly, while his marriage collasped as well. He sees his brother still playing at 36 and expects he can make a return but the question is with who. Miami, Philadelphia, or possibly even Pittsburgh will take a look at him. This will be an interesting little side story this offseason.<br /><br />Chad Pennington will also try to return from his third shoulder sugery. He turns 35 June 26th and is coming off of his 7th season in which he played in 10 games or less. He's started 16 games just two times in his 11 year career. He is a guy who likely won't find a starting job anywhere and is reported to be on his way out of Miami. There may be a back-up job open for him in Oakland, Tennessee and possibly even with the Jets due to the fact that he will likely come cheaper than current back-up Mark Brunell, who is reportedly not a locker room favorite with some players. <br /><br />Brett Favre has retired far. But keep in mind two things...first of all he is now a free agent in 2011. He has his choice of teams for the first time in his entire career, and is watching as the Dolphins, Raiders, Vikings, Titans, Seahawks, Browns, Cardinals, Jaguars, Bengals, and even the Lions potentially have questions at quarterback heading into the offseason.

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<p>WR Julio Jones has improven his stock so much some people are questioning that A.J. Green is truly the best reciever in this class. Not only did he post a 3rd ranked 40 yard dash time at 4.39, he was just 2 inches away from tying the best broad jump in the past 10 seasons. His size is another desirable aspect to his game as he brings a very physical style of play. His 6'3 220 frame is still a deep threat although he needs to work on getting off the line of scrimage, and getting out of breaks quicker. Should wind up being the 2nd reciever drafted and may be a big reason why Carson Palmer decides to reconsider his ticket out of Cincy. He with Jordan Shipley, and Antonio Chapman would bring a solid rotation of guys who aren't diva recievers like T.O., and Chad Johnson. He is also a possibility for the Bills at #3, the Browns at #6. <br /><br />QB Blaine Gabbert has continued to impress scouts after having been listed anywhere from 5th to 1st on some people's quarterback rankings his strong 40 time, and a solid pro day should solidify him as the best quarterback in the draft and the first to be selected whether or not the hype around Cam Newton is getting to all time highs. <br /><br />WR Greg Little was declared ineligible for 2010 but has comeback with an incredibly strong combine notched the most reps as a reciever with 27, tying the high set by Brooks Foster in '09, he also tied for the lead in broad jump with the same guy he tied for the 40 yard dash time. <br /></p>

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Random Little thoughts


<li>I recently read the list of the fastest 40 yard dashes by quarterbacks and the top 5 times is as follows:<br /></li>

<li>Tyrod Taylor at 4.51</li>

<li>Colin Kaepernick at 4.53</li>

<li>Cam Newton at 4.59 tied with Jake Locker</li>

<li>Blaine Gabbert at 4.62 tied with Josh Portis</li>

<li>Christian Ponder at 4.65</li>

<li>I think this is the first time at least to my knowledge that this many of the top 10 rated quarterbacks were this highly ranked in the 40 yard dash as well. Cam Newton, and Jake Locker are both in Mike Mayock's top 5 quarterbacks 3rd, and 2nd respectively while Blaine Gabbert is his top rated quarterback. Colin Kaepernick and Tyrod Taylor improved their chances of being drafted higher than the 4th or 5th round but Taylor may be one of the couple qb prospects who could be asked to move positions. Taylor has played time at reciever, run the ball, played quarterback, and even sometimes tight end, and safety. He will find a place in the NFL the question is in what way can he help a team most? Kaepernick may also be asked to switch positions but I'd be shocked if he did. I think the Jaguars need to take a look at him around the 3rd or 4th round to develop behind Garrard.</li>

<li><br />A.J. Hawk was released, and maybe looking for a new home. The Buffalo Bills have the 32nd ranked run defense, a questionable group of inside linebackers, and plenty of cap space to play with. This would free them up to select a defensive end, or perhaps a nose tackle in the 1st round hopefully helping former 1st round pick Aaron Maybin, and Shawne Merriman giving offenses something to fear for a change. </li>


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Underlying messages coming from the labor talks.


<li>A few underlying messages have come through from the labor talks including a few mentions of a team in Los Angeles again, moving to an 18 game schedule, increasing roster sizes, and a rookie salary cap. Some of these things will wind up leading to more regular season games, while aiming at increasing ticket revenue. Obviously the talks of moving a team or potentially even an expansion team in L.A. are looking to tap a market that is so large no other market in the NFL is near the size. Another item of note is the fact that the Bills have played 3 "home" games in Toronto and had attendance of 50,000 or more people all 3 times. Meaning there is yet another untapped market there. I believe I have a solution to help everyone out. We have two groups in Los Angeles fighting for the rights to build a new stadium in the area to help get an NFL team back there. How about during the CBA, the players propose two more teams being added into the league and a shuffling of certain teams, divisions, and conferences. </li>

<li>A team could potentially be added in L.A., one of the groups Majestic Reality has a plan to build a stadium that is an an hour drive or less from Los Angeles, Anaheim, and many other big cities, he estimates that he would be able to tap a market of nearly 15 million people. Most NFL teams can survive on that type of audience, plus adding another team in California would create more instate rivalries. It would also add the potential to explore the 18 game season by adding 2 more teams, with full 55 man rosters that would allow for perhaps even another round added to the draft. </li>

<li>Adding another team to New York would be pointless, but reshuffling the three New York teams to perhaps please more of a crowd, as well as tap the Toronto market would benefit all three teams as well. Moving Buffalo full time to Toronto would give them a chance to yet again tap a much larger, and more NFL hungry market, which would in term help them draw in bigger name free agents, and draft picks. With Buffalo now no longer having a team you have an empty stadium up north in New York, and two teams sharing the Meadowlands. So you move the Giants up north to Buffalo part time why having them play 3 of their 8 home games still at the Meadowlands. They are then generating a market in northern New York, while keeping their loyal fan base, but yet giving New Jersey their team as well with the Jets being full time there. Which brings me to the third point, a retitling of the Jets to give New Jersey it's first true NFL franchise in this era. There would be a tremendous excitement in the state to have not only their own team but a team that has a chance to succeed in the NFL.</li>

<li>So where does the third team get added you ask? Nebraska. Yes I know an odd place considering there has never been an NFL team here. But how can you argue with these numbers;Memorial Stadium holds an NCAA record 311 consecutive sellouts dating back to 1962. The Stadium is very modern and expected to undergo another expansion to hold 90,000+ people in 2013. What better time to put an NFL team in the state than in 2012 to help build excitement about the refurbished stadium? I believe the NFL is missing out on a huge football state in Nebraska. which baffles me to no end. They have an NFL quality stadium, the fanbase to back-up a team, and enough revenue between the untapped northern states, and Nebraska itself that a team would be something that many states could back. This brings into effect also the fact that the NFL would have more coaches than ever yet another fact that would please the player union as they would be opening up more jobs for the retired players, or guys who never made it on the field. They could have another expansion draft much like they did for Houston when they joined the league. Between the UFL, AFL, CFL, free agents who have been out of football, guys coming out of contracts from NFL teams, college, and an expansion draft these teams would be given plenty of talent to compete with the teams in the NFL within a couple of seasons. Nebraska and Los Angeles both have prime location for scouting NFL talent with record setting numbers of NFL players being turned out of USC, and Nebraska. </li>

<li>Adding 2 more regular season games would then be possible even if they decided to keep 3 instead of 2 preseason games. They could potentially even please players more by expanding the active NFL rosters from 53, and my proposed 55 to 57 men. Set the salary cap slightly higher, but not high enough where it allows teams to be hoarding star players, but enough to carry another 4 back-up quality and role type players. This would further please the players union by again opening up more jobs to players that are coming out of college that normally would wind up on practice squads, or in the CFL, AFL, or UFL. Guys like Daunte Culpepper, Josh McCown, and other former NFL players enjoying success in the smaller leagues would be able to earn second chances with the NFL again with more teams, more roster spots, and more money available. More former players would go into coaching as well bringing more familar names and faces back to the NFL pleasing the more seasoned fans. </li>

<li>You could even build excitement in those respective places by running reality shows much like the one Dallas did giving Jesse Holley a spot on the roster for training camp this during this upcoming season and in 2012 to automatically give these teams 2 more players and some other available guys a look to join thier young and patch work rosters. I believe the NFL in whole would benefit from this, whether it be the owners from more ticket, marketing, and television revenue, or the players getting 2 extra game checks, having more jobs available, or the cities bringing people from out of town to the games producing more revenue in those cities' economies producing more jobs even if it is just seasonal work. </li>

<li>As for divisions they would stick with the current system adding another wildcard team to both sides of the playoffs and giving just the number 1 seed a bye would influence teams to fight for the number 1 seed giving the end of the season more meaning than it has had in the past few years. The division winners get in automatically then the wildcard teams are still decided by records, tiebreakers, etc... The two extra teams would basically float inside the conferences until the NFL is able to expand to 36 teams and break the divisions down to 3 teams and 6 divisions.</li>


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